Halibut Jewels has the face of flat fish, proud inhabitant of the North Seas. From him takes the uniqueness, the effectiveness, the free and yet universally engaging nature. Unisex creations, handmade, with that mix of professionalism, talent and expertise that made the Made in Italy famous all over the world. A brand and a logo born to underline the peculiarity of the creations, with a deliberately simple graphic, easy to memorize and recognize.
Because the halibut clientele is demanding, faithful to a clear, distinct style, mainly of masculine cut. Managers, but not only, who love to live their professional and personal lives with efficiency, charisma and style, giving themselves a taste of high quality taste, caressing both the charm of metropolitan life and exotic landscapes. A new universe, yet reassuring for those looking every day the brio of discovery and novelty.
Thus, new materials marry new designs, games of colors and styles make halibut jewelry a fashion object in which creativity meets the refinement and attention of Made in Italy. For a jewel that becomes a beloved and seductive accessory to wear every day, combining it with clothes and personality.

The journey is the leading sign of the halibut jewelry philosophy. Curiosity and creativity bring halibut jewels in a continuous travel, explore new places, their nature and architecture, their history, craft products, local foods, giving importance to tradition but at the same time discovering new ideas, new materials, new technologies…

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